A tasteful shopping experience in food
De Kweker is one of the largest food wholesalers in the region of Amsterdam. Their customer-focused approach is highly valuated. No wonder they also desire their websites to be this user friendly and intuitive.

Make the shopping experience feel intuitive

De Kweker is a place where all food professionals need to feel welcome. The look and feel helps, but more importantly we try to achieve that in the overall user experience. Making visitng De Kweker comfortable for potential new customers as well as professionals that order large amounts of products every week. That’s quite the challenge!


Will it blend?

Building on the existing style of De Kweker, we expanded and optimized the look and feel of the entire digital brand. Yum yum! We also created tons of components, which can be reused on multiple pages.

Product page Chefs like to update their menus now and then. They value quality products and want to get acquainted with much details.

Our product page provides all information a food professional might need. Of course there is basic info of the product, but we also provide a neat overview of nutritional values and allergens. And we take the opportunity to upsell other products that go perfectly along with it.

Looks terrific. I’ll take it!

The option to add the product to your cart or order list is always within reach. You can quickly decide whether you like just a few units of the product or order by the barrel.

Human approach section of the tempoteam webpage
Segment page

A great appetizer

We use different landing pages to target several user segments. Restaurant owners, chefs, canteens and many more food professionals will be served the entrée tailored to their taste!

Human approach section of the tempoteam webpage

Flexible build up

De Kweker has a lot of options setting up these segment pages. They can pick all kinds of components for the page and choose what content to show to whom.


Events are a great way for De Kweker to show their expertise and to bring food professionals together. Often we help along with the set-up for the digital brand of these kind of campaigns. It’s a lot of fun to - next to the general website - work on something entirely different now and then. A great way for our team to cook up something bold and spicy.

Amsterdam foodpitch

A yearly event dedicated to locally crafted products. A professional jury declares one of the contenders as the ‘most delicious product of the year’.

Human approach section of the tempoteam webpage
Final Words Our collaboration with De Kweker is still going strong. We often stick our heads together to define and brainstorm about new challenges to improve the user experience.

As a website like this is never finished and can always be improved, we often release new or renewed features to the platform. And with good results. For one, the new designs of the homepage and sign up flow already improved the amount of new client signings fundamentally.